About Us

World Class Quality Care

Capstone Anesthesia Partners, LLC (CAP) entered the Ohio market in early 2017 and has made sweeping changes to the way contracted anesthesia groups participate with Hospitals in our region. The combination of world class quality care and the latest techniques for regional anesthesia and superior anesthesia practitioners has raised the bar in anesthesia care and patient satisfaction in this vicinity.

Our current hospital administrators, surgeons, OR staff, and patients have all commented on the quality and personal care CAP brings to each patient. We have consolidated a highly skilled team of anesthesia providers (4 former chiefs, 5 cardiac/vascular trained, and a superior group of ultrasound guided nerve block practitioners) that are readily available to teach or provide anesthesia care for your patient population and surgeons.

Our unique and institutionally directed approach to contracts and collections has made us the ideal choice for hospital administrators, CEO’s, and finance directors. While CAP still handles all of the contract negotiations and quality measures, the Hospital observes total transparency to collections and payment patterns. This allows for more precise forecasting and budgeting. CAP puts the power of finances back in the hands of the Hospital.

Our Vision

Capstone Anesthesia is dedicated to the fiscally responsible delivery of high quality Anesthesia care to our clients. We are committed to satisfying each link in the healthcare model: the patient, the proceduralist, the ancillary staff and administration. Our Care Team Model ensures that each member brings valuable input to accomplish the health care needs of our customers. Capstone Anesthesia is your Partner in Excellence.